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The Fort of Óvár

Venue of the conference is the Széchenyi István University Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences, which is located in the emblematic Óvár castle building, which is the best known symbol of Mosonmagyaróvár. The centuries-old walls and the modern buildings provide a good location for organizing the conference.

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The historic town center of Mosonmagyaróvár takes pride in its beautiful sights. Walking down the narrow streets you can admire peculiar Central European buildings as well as countless monuments erected throughout Hungarian history. The scent of coffee shops in the town center and the atmosphere of the town will definitely enchant you.

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The Medicinal Spa

The water of the Medicinal Spa in Mosonmagyaróvár is said to be one of the five best in Europe. Bio" Flexum-Medicinal Spa awaits guests with seven pools. Our pools with different temperatures will definitely meet our guests' requirements regardless of their age.

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Futura Explore-Research-Play

The development creates an interactive, natural science exhibition which is unique in Hungary that resides in the near 300 year old Futura granary. The exhibition lays on more than 2000 m² and waits people aspiring to see innovative experiences and interested in sciences. It is sure that in the FUTURA neither children or teenagers, nor adults will be bored!

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Little Rye Island

The Szigetköz (Little Rye Island) is an island plain in Western Hungary, part of the Little Hungarian Plain. The name literally means island alley, because the territory is located on an island. It is called ‘the gift of the Danube’, since it was built by the alluvial deposit of the river. The nature-loving tourists are welcome by the rich flora and fauna of the region.
The lovers of water-tours can wander through the Danube-branches fringed with forests, where the various reaches promise unforgettable experiences for those arriving by kayak or canoe.

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4 seasons in Szigetköz video by Tibor Sörös